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A future where people
actually find
brand videos useful.

How It All Started

Photospire was founded in 2014 after Ger and Dave found that they spent valuable time every day deleting and blocking the barrage of marketing messages that they were blasted with.

The brothers had a vision that if the brand content was actually useful and inspiring to a customer then it would be far better received.

Hence, the birth of Photospire. A platform that allows brands to create video content that is of actual use to their customers.

Inspire Customers Through Video

The original idea was simple: Tell stories that inspire people through video.

Pooling their marketing and technology skills the team set about working on a data-driven, video platform.

With feedback from early adopters the platform soon developed to become a full solution for creating, distributing and optimising brand videos at scale.

Growing and Partnering

In the Spring of 2015 Photospire joined the Truestart program in London and used the additional support to help accelerate the launch the platform.

Version 1 of Photospire was released in October 2015. The initial focus was on personalised videos for CRM marketing for retailers.

As word spread, Photospire quickly grew its customer base and started providing a solution for other verticals including FMCG and travel clients.

New Horizons

A number of key hires in 2016 completed a world class technology team.

Working closely with major brands the latest version of Photospire was deployed with the focus being on Smart Reactive Video.

Photospire is now positioned for exciting growth in 2017 across social media and CRM video marketing.

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