Smart Reactive Videos

No two people will watch the same brand video again.

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Photospire enables brands to create videos that each customer loves.

Take creative assets such as product images and video clips and merge with customer, social and environmental data to create a video tailored for an individual customer. At the press of a button the brand can generate smart, reactive video content for every one of their customers.

How Smart Reactive Video Works

Easy to create

Automatically generate thousands of data-driven videos each one tailored for one customer or target audience. The most advanced personalised video platform, driven by AI.

Distribute At Scale

Each video is distributed automatically through email, Facebook, Instagram or on a landing page.

Measure Performance

The performance of the video’s creative is monitored and measured. Insights and actions are derived using machine learning.

Optimise & Convert

Using artificial intelligence the videos are constantly updated to optimise the video for each customer.

Increase your marketing ROI with the most advanced personalised video platform, driven by AI.

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